Digital Storyteller

- Conducted over fifty Art workshop sessions in various Saint-Quentin facilities, including community centers, care homes, assisted living facilities, and educational institutions, as part of the Rural Culture Contract in Hauts-de-France.
- Drew a poster featuring 150 comicbook characters, for the 50th Birthday of the Angouleme Comic Con. The poster was displayed in more than 40 train stations in France.
- Developed a web-based Virtual Reality experience, “Saint-Etienne 2071,” commissioned by the city.
- Created a monumental mural, “History of the House of Reading,” featuring engravings on recycled wood, spanning 8 meters. Commissioned by the Saint-Quentin Media Library.
- Delivered workshops on “Storytelling & Brand Strategy” to Master’s students in the “Design and Interactive Innovation Management” program at the prestigious Gobelins school (2019-2024).
- Conducted workshops on “Virtual Reality Production,” “Transmedia Project Design,” and “Community Management” for students in their first, second, and third years at ARFIS-ESEC Lyon (2017-2022 cohorts).
- Produced storyboards for short films, including “Bunker Palace” (Sipan Awanis), “Lucide” (Tristan Moissonnier), and “Retour à la Case Mémoire” (Hugo Mathias & Adrien Bouquier).

- Organized “Comic Books and Virtual Reality” workshops during the Angoulême Comic Book Festival in 2017, 2018, and 2019.
- Conducted various workshops at the BD Passion Dakar library in Dakar, Senegal, to introduce my profession.
- Delivered a lecture titled “The Youth of Stan Lee” at Paris Comic Con, attended by an audience of 500. Repeated the same lecture at the Grand Théâtre d’Angoulême and Tokyo Comic Con.
- Presented an exhibition and lecture, “In Search of Stan Lee,” at the Saint-Quentin Media Library, France.
- Gave a lecture and workshop in Guangdong, China, during the 10th China International Copyright Animation Fair, showcasing my work for Marvel.
- Presented the conference “Marvel: Digital House of Ideas” at the New York Comic Con, focusing on my work on Daredevil/Punisher.
- Spoke at the French Ministry of Culture’s “Silicon Valois” event, in the presence of the Minister of Culture, and at the Ministry of Finance, discussing the digital crossroads in cultural industries.

2004-2007 • Bachelor’s Degree in “Media, Culture &
Communication”, with “Movie Studies” option.
2001-2004 • High School Diploma in Literature & Arts (Magna Cum Laude)

French : Maternal
English : Almost Bilingual
Spanish : Cuando se come aqui?
Japonais : Just starting.
Manjack : Beginner.

Adobe Photoshop
DaVinci Resolve
TV Paint Animation Pro 10
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
OBS Studio
Insta360 Studio
Clip Studio Paint
Adobe Premiere
Adobe Character Animator
Currently learning : RD Works, Resolume Arena.

Conducting Training Workshops: Proficient in course preparation, exercise design, and pedagogical progression development for effective workshop delivery.
Engaging with Challenging Audiences: Skilled in addressing and working with audiences facing significant language or behavioral difficulties.
Organizing and Executing Educational Events: Experienced in organizing and executing educational events catering to diverse audiences.


Fathers of Marvel Comics (Late 2024)
Le Prince de Kroy-Wen (Webtoon, 2022)
Le Journal Dessiné (150 épisodes, webtoon, 2022)
Thanos : A God Up There Listening ( Marvel 2021)
Histoires Inoubliables du Cinéma vol 1 ( Petit à Petit Editions, 2020)
Avengers : L’âge d’Ultron - Prélude (Marvel, 2017)
Love is Love (Anthology) - 2 pages (Bliss Comics) (2018)
Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix (2017)
Super-Mélenchon contre la Caste #1 (2017)
A Year of Marvels: Luke Cage #1 (2017)
Dr Strange / Punisher: Magic Bullets #1 - 4 (editing) (2016-2017)
Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite v2: #8 - 10 (2016)
Daredevil/Punisher: Seventh Circle (2016)
La Semaine d’Actu de Super-Dupont (with Gotlib, Boucq, ...)
(2016, Le Monde + Le Lombard)
A Year of Marvel: Spider-Man #1 (2016)
Avengers Assemble Infinite #1-5 (2016)
Jim The Duck (2015, “Community”, série diffusée sur NBC)
Avengers: Millennium #1-6 (2015)
Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite #1-10 (2015)
Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite v1 #1 - 24 (2015)
Infinite Loop Turbomedia (Glénat)
All-New Captain America: Fear Him #1-6 (2014)
Amazing Spider-Man: Who Am I? #1-12 (2014)
Original Sin: Secret Avengers #1 & 2 (2014)
Bouncer : Ghost Story (with Boucq, Jodorowsky... Glénat)
Iron Man: Fatal Frontier #12, 13 (2013)
The Walking Pandas #1 & 2 (2013)
Pax Arena #1-8 (2012)