💭️ FIBD Angoulême “50 ans, 50 regards”
🥽 Memo Caps
⏰️ Saint-Etienne 2071

🦆️ Le Prince de Kroy-Wen, l’Expo-Jeu
🌏️ Rendez-Vous en Terrain Connu
👴 Saint-Quentin 1990
🕶️ A la Recherche de Stan Lee / Looking for Stan Lee
🈵 @ China International Animation Copyright Fair
🖤️ Impossible Love
🧀 Marvel’s French Touch

🏭️ Bunker Palace
💉️ Fais le Mort / Play Dead
📅 Lucide
👩🏽‍🤝‍🧑🏼 Céleste et Richard

🖌️ Drink & Draw Saint-Etienne
📄️  Posters & Illustrations...
🦁 Africa Sketches
🦹🏻‍♂️ Super-Hero Commissions

👓 Fathers of Marvel Comics
💀️ Daredevil/Punisher : Seventh Circle
🎬 Histoires Incroyables du Cinéma Vol 1
🦸‍♂️ A Year of Marvel
Thanos : A God Up There Listening
🐱‍🏍 Avengers Millennium
🎯 All New Captain America : Fear Him!
🤖️ Avengers Age of Ultron Prelude
💋️ Love is Love
💪🏻 La Semaine de Super Dupont
🐴 Bouncer : Ghost Story

📚️ Le Journal Dessiné
🦆️ Le Prince de Kroy-Wen
🤥 Zombinocchio



Various Art I did these past few years / Dessins divers que j’ai réalisé ces dernières années.

Poster for the exhibition “Rendez-Vous en Terrain Connu” commissionned by the city of Saint-Quentin.

Wolverine illustration - Commissioned by Clermont Geek Convention.

Promotional poster for my “Looking for Stan Lee” lecture at Paris Comic Con 2019.

Poster for the “Saint-Etienne 2071” Virtual Reality art experience, commissionned by the city of Saint-Etienne, for the Pleiades Digital Art Festival.

Promotional Poster for the Library de Jaude and the “Teach, Drink & Draw” organization.

Promotional poster for my “Looking for Stan Lee” lecture and exhibition at the Guy de Maupassant Library in Saint-Quentin.

Poster for “The Prince of Kroy-Wen : The Game-Exhibit” commissionned by the Guy de Maupassant Library and the city of Saint-Quentin.

Poster to promote my Virtual Reality drawings workshops, commissionned by the Artistik Lab.

Poster commissioned by INSA (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées)

Promotional illustration for the Youtube Channel “L’étagère à BD”

Promotional illustration for the Podcast “Procraciné”

Promotion poster for a workshop at the Artistik Lab (innovative fab lab)

Huge (about 80 inches long) dr awing with all the characters Steve Ditko ever created. Done for the Bottle Works Ethnic Arts Center Auction, during the first Ditko Con.

I do private commissions every now and then. Here’s one of Captain America and Iron Man having lunch.

Another private commission, of Spider-Man.